Set up at the festival

Glad you’ll be joining us. Set up and break down is the booth participant’s responsibility. You will need your own tents, chairs and tables for Saturday at Friendship Fountain. Display areas must be safe, attractive, and inviting. You must be sure you have enough material for all participants. Booth participant’s must arrive AT LEAST one hour before event start and take down only AFTER event end. Must attach certificate of liability.

Important: The vendor fee is not for school booth participation. It is only for people that sell things or want to inform people about what they are offering. Walk on solicitors are not allowed at the event.


Space is limited at Friendship Fountain Park.

We are No Longer accepting Applications for Food Trucks for 2018 Science Festival.

*Food Truck vendors- in order to assure no conflicts of interests, we will allow only one food truck per food category. Thank you for your understanding.

All Registrations are CLOSED for vendors.

Click here to register via google docs.