As a leading expert in your field, you are invited to team up with innovative K-12 teachers and students of Duval County, as well as with other community experts, to support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education through project based learning. The student centered fourth Annual Jacksonville Science Festival has over 100 booth presentation opportunities for you to engage in.

Your career choice and hobbies can support students!


Who can be an expert?

Anyone can be an expert. Not all experts involved with the JSF have a degree. Real life experience is more than sufficient. Some experts are local workers involved in bee keeping, skateboarding and aviation. Experts also have local ties and resources that can benefit JSF.

Why do students need experts?

How to establish initial collaboration

If you are interested in being an expert, please e-mail a short bio of yourself and what you can contribute to the Jacksonville Science Festival.