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The Jacksonville Science Festival Non- Discrimination Statement:

The Jacksonville Science Festival does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, martial status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors and clients.


Karen Peterman Consulting

BIE Project Inquiry Based Learning

St Johns County Audubon

Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society

Contributors To Jacksonville Science Festival

Jacksonville’s “Hands On” Children’s Museum

Natural Life Music And Arts Festival

Cummer Museum

Ripley’s ”Believe It Or Not” Museum

Beach Bowl

Alligator Farm And Zoological Park

Car Spa

Jacksonville Zoo

Jiffy Lube

Catty Shack Ranch

JSF Experts

Dr. Katelyn Bruno, PhD

Mayo Clinic

What contribution do you hope to provide: I am a Post Doctoral fellow at Mayo Clinic in Cardiovascular Diseases. I received my PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Environmental Health Sciences. I study a disease call myocarditis which is inflammation of the heart muscle that occurs after a viral infection such as the flu.

Prof. John Hewitt

Univ. of North Florida

What contributions do you hope to provide: Astronomy. Last year we had fun with solar observing.

Dr. Nisha Durand

Clinical and Translational Scientist, Center for Regenerative Medicine at Mayo Clinic Florida.

Eddie Whistler

MOSH Planetary Director

Tim Rudolph

Enviromental Engineering

Jennifer Casey
Duval Soil & Water Conservation District

Professor Chris Kelso

What contributions do you hope to provide: I am a particle astrophysicist that studies dark matter. I hope to provide my guidance and expertise to help spark a passion for science among our younger generation.

Professor John Vail

What contributions do you hope to provide: Would like to help generate interest in STEM – specifically technology, Information Security, and virtualization.

Professor Tammy L Cherry

What contributions do you hope to provide: I teach written communications at FSCJ, a part of which is information literacy and the selection, integration, and documentation of credible sources.

Dr. Elaina Lommason

What contributions do you hope to provide: My primary areas of expertise are in literature and writing. I also have expertise in science/literature interrelationships.  In addition to my Ph.D., I have bachelor’s degrees in both literature and environmental science. I can mentor students, provide help with checking for validity and accuracy, help with booth development, and overall help students create and maintain academic interest in a variety of ways.

Dr. Bryan G. Spohn, Ph.D

What contributions do you hope to provide: I would like to help a student who is doing a science fair project, or a student who needs some encouragement/mentoring in the sciences.

Professor Michael Nuetzel,  Graphic Design

What contributions do you hope to provide: Graphic design support in the visual presentation and interpretation of topic areas.

Dr. Dianne Fair

What contributions do you hope to provide: I teach biology, chemistry, genetics and microbiology.  I would also be interested in mentoring students for TED talks as I am now a TEDX FSCJ speaker.

Professor Michael Cottrell

What contributions do you hope to provide: I can offer technical and aesthetic design help and model building/prototyping for projects using 3-d printing. I have a depth of knowledge in areas of art, ceramics, sculpture, metal casting, welding, digital modeling, and 3-d scanning/printing.

Professor Ivetta Abramyan

What contributions do you hope to provide: Area of expertise is Earth Sciences, specifically meteorology and oceanography

Mr. Sam Turley

Solar System Ambassador and HCI Graduate Student
NASA / DePaul University

What contribution do you hope to provide: I am a NASA Solar System Ambassador with a passionate for space and a graduate student in Human-Computer Interaction.

Dr. Elaina G Lommason, Ph.D., Director of Academic Engagement
Florida State College at Jacksonville
What contribution do you hope to provide: Writing/composition, English literature, Science/literature interrelationships

Greg Sauve

Northeast Florida Astronomical Society

Dr. Jeremy Stalker

Biology & Marine Science

Eddie Whisler

Dr. Tracy Alloway

A Psychology professor and Graduate Program Director at the University of North Florida.

Areas of Expertise

  • Theory of Working Memory
  • Working Memory in Education
  • Working Memory and Mental Health