K-12 & College STEAM Booth

Registration for a STEAM BOOTH

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Thursday & Friday, April 11th & 12th 2024 at FSCJ South Campus

11901 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Saturday, April 13th, 2024 from 10-3 at Henry J Klutho Park

204 W 3rd St, Jacksonville, FL 32206


All students, regardless of which school they attend; collaborating with teachers, experts, organizations, local businesses and community partner.


Student booths feature scores of activities, displays and presentations related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Booth participants collaborate with local experts on mutual subject of interest and engage in activities. Booths are designated areas that include a table displaying STEAM interactive exhibits, expert recognition, as well as other artifacts that will engage festival goers.


Teachers facilitate student groups. Together they find an expert appropriate for their field of research/interest. The Jacksonville Science festival hosts workshops to provide guidance with the process of a great project based learning, student-driven booth.

We ask booths to adopt the science festival’s annual essential question:

How are we essential?

General Info for ALL Teams

***Our Science Festival continues to embrace sustainability and promote Eco-friendly choices.

Please minimize the use of handouts and/or giveaway items/ “swag”. We also ask you to conserve electricity and water usage.

Booth Criteria

General Guidelines


Sample Scenario


A team of 6 students have signed up for developing the science festival booth/activity that is in an art installation piece related to the science of engineering. The expert meets with the team based on the agreed upon times and dates. In between visits your student team is at work researching, designing, practicing the related activity in preparation of your next meeting time. As decided by your collaboration you have your last meeting time with the student team a day or two prior to the opening day of the festival. The booth is prepared and the activity is executed as designed and developed by the student team and expert.

Booths Should Include:

How to find an Expert

As a student-driven festival we encourage our student participants to research and contact the appropriate expert of their choice. This action gives them real-life experience and confidence when they are faced with the real world networking environment.

Here are some tips to help with the process:

School/Group STEAM Booth Participation Form


A team of students connected to an “expert” (a local business leader, developer, teacher, professor, or other member of the community) who will work with the students to develop, display, and provide a fun, exciting, and well researched science activity project. The project will be displayed in the school-group area booths at the Jacksonville Science Festival. Set up and break down is booth participant’s responsibility. You will need your own tents and tables for Saturday at Sea Walk Pavilion and FSCJ South Campus. Display areas must be safe, attractive, and inviting. You must be sure you have enough material for all participants. All groups must bring their own table and chairs. If you are outside, you may bring your own tent. Booth participant’s must arrive AT LEAST ½ hour before event start and take down only AFTER event end. Must attach certificate of liability.

  • All teams must follow equitable practice.
  • If you need electricity please contact us for further discussion.

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